Research Focus

INCIDE is a collaborative research center that provides and develops algorithms for the analysis and visualisation of highly complex scientific data repositories, i.e. efficient methods for (semi) automated data analysis, data mining, numerical simulation and parameter estimation, and for visual and interactive data exploration. INCIDE is intended to link the Graduate School Chemical Biology (Excellence Initiative, KORS-CB), the Department of Computer Science and Information Science, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Research Training Group 1042 "Explorative Analysis and Visualization of Large Information Spaces" (DFG-RTG), which works on related problems.

We provide support on different levels:

  • Standard problems that can be approached using well-established software tools (such as Amira, MatLab, KNIME). We provide help in using the software packages to solve the problems and connect to experts if further help is needed.
  • Some more elaborate problems that can not be easily solved using standard approaches, but for example need to modify or create a plugin for a software package (but with an already known algorithm). We have limited capabilities to hire student helpers who then can help implementing the actual plugins.
  • Problems that can not be solved using standard approaches or standard software. We provide help in finding the right expert in the field of computer science or mathematics, and also offer collaboration in our own field of expertise.

The center offers its services to researchers in all areas, but we specifically invite PhD students in biology and chemistry to present their problems in the weekly meeting "Bioinformatik Sprechstunde".